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Things Kids Say

C ody, a wee boy of about 3 years old requested a "Batman mask. Showing him his face in the mirror triggered a humorous reaction. With fisted hands extended above his head, in his husky, little super-hero voice, he exclaimed, “Cody!”

A reserved four-year-old girl quietly requested a “full-face” butterfly. Her response to the finished product was an exchange of glances through dark eyes from the mirror to me two or three times before she silently reached out and wrapped her arms around me in a wordless thank you.

Very typical of young boys, this six-year-old boy wanted the largest airbrushed, stenciled dragon that I offer tattooed on his thin bicep. His request was prefaced with an inquiry into whether the stencil was “big enough for his bicep?” In reality, it could have wrapped around his arm twice!

My conversation with a twelve-year-old girl during one painting session was about her landing the starring role in the school play of Harry Potter. Her literal description of the event was, “Most kids trying out for the role said ‘blah, blah, blah.’ But not me. I said ‘BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!’”

A four-year-old girl was admiring herself in the mirror, grinning ear to ear, she said nothing. So I finally asked her, “What do you think?” She replied, “I think so!”

As I am rather proud of my manly, black panther design, I was offended when a boy pointed to it and asked for the “hyena.” Please!

A cheerful boy jumped into my chair, friends in tow, and proclaimed, “I am the birthday boy!” When I asked how old he was, he replied, “Eight! For the first time!”

As an entire soccer team was waiting in my line to be painted, a 5-year-old boy soccer player sat down. I asked him how long he’d been playing soccer. He proclaimed, with a serious overtone, “Thirty years!” His sister, next in line, smacked his arm and said, “No you haven’t!” So I asked him again, and he insistently repeated, “Thirty years!!”

A complimentary young girl asked how long I’ve been painting. I told her, “Oh Sweetheart, a hundred years!” She said, “You don’t look one hundred! Eighty maybe, but not one hundred!”

Happy to share, a girl told me that she was five and her older sister was four.

While I was painting a little girl's face, I complimented her long, pretty eyelashes. In a high-pitched, pixie voice, she said, "Yes, but I was born with TWO, POINTY EARS!"

Some time ago, a very happy, smiley four-year-old boy asked how old I was. I shared that I was 43 and that, therefore, made us very close in age! He continued to smile as he sat there silently, contemplating my response. After a lull, still smiling, he said, “How do you figure we’re close in age?!?” What a crack up! My joke worked — for me at least!